Our business philosophy is to ensure all of our staff are both happy and safe in the workplace. Our staff members support each other in all aspects of their roles and are passionate about the strata industry and the service they are able to provide. When staff are happy, the quality shows in the service they are able to deliver.


The staff at Premier Strata are committed to the strata industry.

We are an equal opportunity employer employing people of varying backgrounds and ages. All staff receive ongoing training in their line of work and rely on each other for mentoring, friendship and education. By building a team that works well together we are able to offer the best possible service to clients in Strata and Community schemes, both residential and commercial.

Over twenty-five percent of our employees have been with us for ten years or longer. Each staff member is committed to servicing their portfolio of buildings as if they were their own investments.

Premier Strata Management is independently audited, offering professional and lawful service in everything we do. No problem is too big and no matter too small as each client is attended to in a professional and dedicated manner. All aspects of management are conducted openly and ethically.

The staff are well trained and highly committed to to the industry plus we use state-of-the-art office systems making processing streamlined and efficient. Continuous improvement is key to the day-to-day operations and will reamin a key emphasis for the business in the future.

At Premier Strata Management we value appropriate licensing and on-going training to guarantee our management services are not only efficient but ethical and appropriate. Strata managers are fully licensed or certificated to ensure clients receive professional assistance.

  • Anthony Votano
    Anthony VotanoGeneral Manager

    Licensed Strata Manager License No. #944333

    Anthony has over 20 years in strata, plus previous experience in chartered accounting where he handled all sorts of taxation and auditing requirements. Anthony is also well published and a respected operator in the strata management community. Anthony has successfully managed all types of Strata and community titled buildings during his career and continues to consult with clients on all types of strata issues on a daily basis.

    • Dominic Votano
      Dominic VotanoPrincipal/Managing Director

      Licensed Strata Manager License No. #139856

      Dominic, the founder of Premier Strata has over 30 years experience in strata management. An ex-vice-president of the strata industry association, Strata Community Australia, Dominic has shown his commitment to the growth of the boards and lecturing on strata management to SCA members and Universities. He is well-published in trade journals and on-line blogs and shares his passion and integrity for industry as a whole.

      Strata Managers

      • Michael Antonakiou
        Michael Antonakiou

        Licensed Strata Manager License Number. #1168436

      • John Kelly
        John Kelly

        Strata Manager Certificate No. #03069014

      • Craig Clark
        Craig Clark

        Strata Manager Certificate No. #1639315

      • Tanvir Tony
        Tanvir Tony

        Licenced Strata Manager No. # 20147631

      • Tanya Arthur
        Tanya Arthur

        Strata Manager Certificate No. #1342736

      • Peter Bone
        Peter Bone

        Strata Manager Certificate No. #03007656

      • Bill Spargo
        Bill Spargo

        Strata Manager Certificate No. #850286

      • Paul Rayner
        Paul Rayner

        Strata Manager Certificate No. #1234343

      • Tom Black
        Tom Black

        Strata Manager Certificate No. #1150273

      • Sonal Shah
        Sonal Shah

        Strata Manager Certificate No. #1722350

      • Angelo Cruz
        Angelo Cruz

        Strata Manager Certificate No. #03115863

      • Ian Whitfield
        Ian Whitfield

        Licensed Strata Manager License No. #20081763

      • David Tuskan
        David Tuskan

        Licensed Strata Manager License No. #325835

      Support Staff

      • Litsa Sabat
        Litsa Sabat

        Support – Section 184 and Roll Updates

      • Emma Reinhardt
        Emma Reinhardt


      • Melani Hughes
        Melani Hughes

        Human Resources & Office Management

      • Kate Lubben
        Kate Lubben

        Insurance & Support

      • Jessica Dooley
        Jessica Dooley

        Support/Arrears Management/Section 109 Updates

      • Emily Longhurst
        Emily Longhurst


      • Nicoletta Karayiannis
        Nicoletta Karayiannis


      • Nicole Whitehead
        Nicole Whitehead


      • Laura Rupnik
        Laura Rupnik


      • Alexcia Hallal
        Alexcia Hallal

        Finance & Support

      • Julie Sabat
        Julie Sabat


      • Joumana Ayoub
        Joumana Ayoub