There are core responsibilities all strata management companies offer to stay compliant with legislation but at Premier Strata we believe we are distinctive because we operate solely with the best interests of the Owners Corporation in mind.

We are unique because:

  • Our fee structure is fair and does not include any hidden costs. We aim to keep costs down while still maintaining a high quality service.
  • This is a family-owned business where family values and dedication are the essence of the culture. The Director of the business is fully functional in the business and is always available to owners for questions or concerns.
  • We are specialists in Strata Management and work solely in this industry.
  • Open communication with regards to all strata matters including income and expenditure are available to owners 24 hours a day through the online portal and by request.
  • All requests are treated with urgency, respect and enthusiasm.
  • We operate by a guaranteed code of conduct giving you confidence and peace-of-mind knowing this is the service level you will receive. (Please refer to our Code of Conduct)
  • We have spent years screening and testing local tradesmen which has allowed us to develop a pool of value-for-money quality contractors.
  • We do not employ a one size fits all model, rather we tailor the services that we deliver to our clients needs.
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