Pet Applications

 Click Here for PDF of Pet Application Form

The Owners Corpration often has certain guidelines on the keeping of animals within the  complex. An application is necessary to the Owners Corporation to advise that a lot owner/tenant wishes to keep a pet on the premises.

If you wish to apply to have a pet at the property, please complete the form below and submit back to our office or print and fill in pdf above. Your request will need to be submitted to the Strata Committee. If applying as a tenant, you will also need to provide evidence of the Lot Owner’s approval to keep a pet.

Please provide as much detail in the form as possible and submit to our office so that it may be tabled at the next Committee Meeting. If a meeting has not been scheduled, you will be notified as soon as possible.

Online Pet Application Form

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    AGREEMENT: I/We request the consent of the Owners Corporation to keep the above detailed pet, subject to the following AGREED TERMS: 1. The approval is for the remainder of the life of the pet named above and not for any replacement pet. 2. The approved pet must stay within the confines of our lot except when entering and leaving the strata scheme. 3. When entering and leaving the strata scheme, the approved pet will be carried or kept on a lead by a responsible person who will take the most direct route possible to and from our lot. 4. The approved pet will be carried or kept on a lead and in control of a responsible person at all times when on the common property of the strata scheme. 5. I/We will maintain a high standard of preventative health care eg flea and worm treatment. 6. It will be my/our responsibility as pet owners to monitor the noise from our approved pet, ensuring it does not unreasonably cause annoyance or disturbance to neighbours. 7. I/We will ensure that our approved pet does not create any nuisance or hazard to the owner or occupier of another lot or unreasonably interferes with the use or enjoyment of another lot or of the common property. 8. I/We will not encourage or train our approved pet to soil or toilet on our lot or the common property, and in the event of any accident I/we will immediately remove and appropriately dispose of any soiling which may occur on a lot or the common property. 9. I/We will ensure a high standard of cleanliness and sanitation at all times and any waste will be disposed of promptly and hygienically so as to ensure no unpleasant odour or other nuisance, hazard, or unreasonable interference with the use or enjoyment of another lot or common property. 10. I/We will accept full responsibility and indemnify the Owners Corporation for any claims by or injuries to third parties or their property caused by, or as a result of, action of my/our pet. 11. Acknowledge that in the event of a breach of this agreement the Owners Corporation may withdraw any consent to has given me/us for the keeping of a pet. 12. I/We understand that dogs of a prohibited breed or declared dangerous must not be kept or brought onto the lot or common property. 13. Such other terms and conditions as the Strata Committee acting reasonably may impose and included in the notification of approval letter.

Renovations Application

 Click Here for PDF of renovation Application Process

The attached guide and below online application have been prepared to walk owners through the process involved in making changes to the lot, be they small works or major renovations.

We encourage owners to first read their by-laws in detail before applying as many buildings have registered by-laws detailing the renovation process for your building. We ask that Owners exercise patience throughout the application process particularly with major renovations as the process can take considerable time and resources. The result however will add to the enjoyment and value of your property.

Online Renovations Application

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  • Conditions

    •Unless otherwise stipulated in a by-law, renovation works can only be performed during the hours of 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday, 8am to 12 noon Saturday, no work permitted on Sundays or Public Holidays •All work must comply with the relevant Australian codes and standards and the Building Code of Australia. •The Strata Committee members or their representative must be permitted reasonable access to inspect renovations at any time. •A notice of your intention to start work must be displayed in the foyer at least 2 weeks prior to work commencing. •You are responsible for any false alarm fees that may be incurred as a result of your proposed works. I confirm that the information provided is to the best of my knowledge correct and agree to the terms and conditions above and as per the individual requirements applicable to the particular Strata Plan. I acknowledge that I am responsible for any resultant damage to the common property as a result of my proposed works and that all tradespeople working in my apartment are licensed and insured and that the works will be carried out per the Building code of Australia standards, and that any costs for rectification of damage, or costs incurred by the Owners Corporation in managing these works will be charged to my levy account. *Note: The monthly management fee charged by our agency does not cover lot owner renovations. Our involvement for Lot Owner renovations is charged in 6 minute increments at $220 per hour.

Strata Community Association

Strata Community Association is the peak industry body for strata management professionals.
Several of the Premier Strata staff have been long term educators for the SCA and are active in promoting the professionalism of the industry. Premier Strata has been an active member of Strata Community Association and its predecessor (ISTM) for in excess of 25 years.



Premier Strata use state-of-the-art StrataMax software where each building has its own personal web portal. Owners are able to self-serve information pertaining to their building 24 hours a day. The portal is continuously updated so you are kept up-to-date on activities, new initiatives, financials and more for your building. Check the StrataMax Owners Online Portal video here.


Charity & Fundraising

Premier Strata staff and contractors have been active fundraisers for some of Australia’s special children and for Cancer research by helping raise over $300,000.00 combined for Variety, The Children’s Charity and the Cancer Council.


Bank of Queensland

All bank accounts are handled through Bank of Queensland via Stratamax. They offer quality of service and the value for money. BOQ is a 138-year old organisation with branches in every Australian state and territory.
The BOQ difference is that their branches are run by Owner-Managers so local people not only run the branches, they own them.
The Owner-Managers live locally, know their customers well and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that customers always receive exceptional personal service.


Department of Fair Trading

All strata managers are licensed by the Department of Fair Trading.


CHU Contents & Landlords Insurance

CHU Underwriting Agencies Pty Ltd is a specialist strata insurance underwriting agency and is part of the Steadfast Group, Australia’s largest underwriting agency group. CHU is Australia’s first and largest strata insurance specialist, operating in every major State and looking after over 100,000 schemes nationally.

To apply for Contents or Landlords Insurance, click the links below:

Contents Insurance

Landlords Insurance



Levy payments can be made through StrataPay where there are options of 8 convenient payment options.



Levy payments can be made through Bpay for your convenience.

Proxy Form


This proxy form can be used to submit your vote for a meeting which you are unable to attend.

Change of Address Form


This form is used to officially advise the strata plan of an owners change of address details. Change of Address must be in writing so this form can be printed, filled in, then returned to our office via email, fax or post.

Premier Strata Complaints handling process


Conflicts and complaints can be resolved in many ways, and we find the best way through simple discussion, good will and common sense between the parties. In virtually all instances, most complaints can be resolved through direct discussion and negotiation.

If this approach is not an option, a process to resolve complaints is an important part of any relationship and we utilise Strata Community Association NSW’s Complaint Handling Policy.

Click the link above to find out more.

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