Many after-hours incidents can be attended to the next business day, however some major health and safety or security issues often need to be handled sooner.

Our office hours are:

Monday to Friday from 9.00am – 1pm and 2pm – 5pm.

If you do need attention outside of these hours, following is a list of Premier preferred after-hours tradesmen, alternatively you may call the tradesman of your choice and forward the account to our office for consideration by the executive committee. Please be advised that if the expense is deemed personal rather than strata related then you will be asked to pay the invoice.


For flood or storm damage emergencies contact SES 132 500 or NSW Fire Brigade on 000.
Click here for SES Website
Click here for NSW Fire Brigade


In case of fallen tree emergencies following a storm or other natural disaster contact the SES on 132500 who will cut up the tree and make the area safe.

If the tree has simply fallen then kindly phone Fred of Action Tree Management on 0413 700 414 or 9807 1799 or Glen of A&A Arbor on 9872 1752 .

A tree growing within a private courtyard such as in a villa or townhouse is generally the individual owners responsibility.


For broken glass contact Express Glass on 1300 666 234.


For broken locks contact:
ASM Locksmiths on 9896 0393 or 0418 967 987
Guardian Locksmiths on 0416 137 205.


For electrical emergencies contact Integral (Origin) Energy on 131 003 or 131 962 or Energy Australia (Endeavour Energy) on 131 388. In the event of loss of power please phone your respective electrical supplier for assistance.

Although most electrical problems within the unit are your responsibility and will require your own electrician, electrical emergencies on common property are generally strata related. For strata related related electrical emergencies you can contact:

Drago of DDE Electrical on 0418 276 572

David of Powertek Electrical Services on 0418 649 280


For gas emergencies contact AGL on 131 909


For plumbing emergencies please contact either:

Adrian or Rob of Astyle Plumbing on 0455 466 488
Brendan of Ace Performance Plumbing on 0400 110 777
Jerry of Polaris Plumbing on 0419 465 573
Sydney’s Plumbing Specialists
 on 02 9002 7332


In the event that the roller shutter or gate for your building carpark becomes jammed closed and will not open, first look for any instructions nearby on how to manually release the door. Sometimes shutters have a chain for manual release or gates have a knob that once turns allows them to slide or swing freely. If you cannot locate these items and your onsite committee members do not have manual override keys then check for any signage near the shutter or gate advising of who services the door and contact them first.

In the event that there is no further information available then contact Aldo of Dominator Doors on 0414 467 464.


In the event of a roof leak, roofers are unable to access a roof while it is wet or raining due to safety concerns. As previously mentioned in severe flooding you would need to contact the SES on 132 500. Once the rain has stopped you may contact the following roofers who will be able to make repairs:

JSJ Roofing  – 9627 3232

Kintyre Building Services – 9869 7919 or 0419 631 633


In case you live in an apartment building that has shared hot water through a common hot water boiler and the boiler fails so that no residents have hot water then contact Custom Gas on 0417 275 221. If it is only your apartment that has lost hot water it is likely that someone has turned off your hot water meter or that your private tempering valve is blocked.


For Sydney Water emergencies contact Sydney Water on 13 20 90.


In the event of a major insurable accident or crime please make sure you obtain the police event number from the attending officer or contact the Police Assistance Line on 131 444 and report the event. Please provide our office with the event number on the next business day for processing of the insurance claim.

With major insurable accidents or claims you can call your buildings insurance company to appoint an assessor or emergency builder. Facts about which insurance company you are insured with appear in the Annual General Meeting Agenda. If you are insured with CHU phone 1800 022 444, if you are insured with SUU phone 1800 788 435. For emergency attendance to insurable events call Allen & Newton Building on 1800 225 271 or Altec Building on 9744 2039.

Please remember that you are at liberty to contact the tradesman of your choice then contact our office on the following working day.


An after hours emergency messaging service is available by texting 0410 537 282 the details of your problem including your name, number, address and a description of the problem or by leaving a message. This can be used in the event that your emergency cannot be assisted by any of the above contractors.

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